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What drives trust and loyalty among pharmacy customers?

Survey gives insights into a changing market

Customers who trust a pharmacy with their personal information are more likely to become loyal shoppers, according to survey results that will be presented at APP18.

Almost one-third of customers rate this trust as one of the most important reasons for their loyalty.

Commissioned by Advantage Pharmacy, the survey also shows pharmacy customers have a much stronger emotional connection to pharmacies than other retail stores.

One-quarter agreed with this description of loyalty: “Missing the pharmacy if it were gone.”

Customers consider loyalty to mean they spend more with a pharmacy or buy from it more often than other pharmacies, says researcher Adam Posner, CEO of The Point of Loyalty.

“To motivate customer loyalty, you need to know what loyalty is from a consumer’s point of view.

“When you know what loyalty is, you will have the power and clarity to motivate it — profitably.”

Advantage Pharmacy CEO Steven Kastrinakis says metropolitan and regional pharmacies are under increasing pressure to adapt to changing customer demands in a fiercely competitive market.

“The independent research study was therefore commissioned in order to shed some light on the existence of customer loyalty in the pharmacy industry, and the levers that motivate their loyalty.”

Pharmacy News will share Mr Posner’s tips for improving customer loyalty after his presentation at APP.

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