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Advantage Pharmacy Group has raised $12,000 for farmers, which will enable the BuyaBale charity to send one semi-trailer load of hay and 25 extra bales of hay to desperate, drought-stricken farmers across Australia.

With many Advantage Pharmacies affected by the drought, 17 retail pharmacies across the group rallied together last week to hold #PHARMforFarm fancy-dress fundraisers with the objective of raising awareness around the drought situation and how this is impacting Australian farmers, while raising much needed funds to help them.

Advantage Pharmacy CEO Steven Kastrinakis said, “Many stories are shared within our community pharmacies of the plight of our country’s farmers, particularly now, as they go through the worst drought in living memory”.

Advantage Group thanked all participating pharmacies, community groups, local business owners and customers for their generous donations and support throughout this fundraiser.

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